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A confusing message that some people often receive from their Plesk panel is this:
Domain event notification: The period of validity is about to expire.
This doesn't actually mean that your domain name is about to expire and you need to renew it, it means that the domain in Plesk has been set to suspend itself on a specific date and that date is quickly creeping up on you or even may have already passed. The date by default is normally a year from when the domain was added to Plesk.

To stop the domain from expiring, or to kick it back into action if it has already 'expired', follow the instructions below:
  • Log into Plesk

  • Click "Domains" from the left menu
    Article Image

  • Click on the domain you wish to modify
    Article Image

  • Click "Resource Usage"
    Article Image

  • Find "Expiration Date" under "Validity Period" and tick the "Never expires" box
    Article Image

  • Click "Ok" at the bottom of the page

If the domain name has expired then you will also need to do the following:
  • Click "Unsuspend" on the domain's main page
    Article Image

If successful you will get a notification that the domain has been reactivated. It's worth keeping an eye on all the settings when creating a domain in future as there are many options which have defaults that do not really make sense, for example the option for "WWW" support isn't ticked.

Peeled eyes people, it'll save you grief in the long run.


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