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Intro Welcome to Robot Butler. If you're wondering what the site is (and haven't read the text at the top of your screen) then a simple summary is that RB is a general help site. Much like the Help function you find built into many programs, only useful. There is no specific theme to the guides here, only that they help achieve some goal of some sort or make life easier for tasks that otherwise may have seemed impossible or at least difficult. Like having your own robot butler, hence the name.

On the right hand side you'll find a Search function that will search both the titles and bodies of articles so you don't have to trawl through the whole site to find the thing you're looking for. Below that are all the categories on the site that contain articles. As more articles are added this list will expand. Below that are just some statistics detailing how the site is growing.

Articles can be written by anyone and can be about anything. If you have a guide and would like it published on the website then please contact me and we can get your guide, information, etc, published on the site. The published article retains all copyright and credit to the author (that's you).


News The site is still young and evolving at an ever slowing pace (well you don't want to keep changing something once it's working as intended, do you?). Articles are being added often (purely by myself for now).

If you have any requests for articles then also get in touch and let me know what articles you would like, the more information you can provide the better.

Recent Articles

Article Author Published
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The Wrong Facebook: Accounts That Should be Pages Benjamin Hodgetts 2012-01-21 13:08:19

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