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The first step is to sign up to the OSGrid - you can use any first and last name but many people stick with their name from Second Life for simplicity.

The next stage is to set up your viewer to be able to connect to OSGrid. You can do this in one of a few ways. The first way is to set up your existing client, this is quite simple. Simply make a copy of the shortcut you use to start Second Life. This can be the official client or a third party view such as the Emerald Viewer. Once you have made a copy of the shortcut, bring up the properties window for the short cut (Right Click >> Properties) and add the following to the "Target" box (at the end of the line):

-loginuri -loginpage

So now, as an example, the Target line of my shortcut looks like this:

"C:\Program Files\Emerald Viewer\Emerald.exe" --channel "Emerald Viewer" --settings settings_emerald.xml -loginuri -loginpage

In the end you will end up with a shortcut that looks something like this:

Article Image

And that's all! Just double click your new short-cut and log in with the username and password you created earlier.

There are a few viewers that will work with Second Life but are also designed to be used on other grids at the same time. They make life simply by giving you the option which Grid to connect to. A few examples of these would be the Imprudence and Meerkat viewers. So if you don't feel like playing around with new shortcuts or using your old viewer, give one of those two a look.

Well that's it. Have fun on the new grid!


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