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ID have a history of making all their games work natively in Linux and Doom 3 continues this trend. The installation process is pretty straight forward and only requires a few steps.

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Game Binaries

Firstly you need to download the Linux client binaries and general file pack from ID, these are contained in the file available from their site.

You now need to make the file executable and then run it. Alternatively if you open up a terminal window the following commands will download the script to your home directory, make it executable and then run the script for you:

cd ~ wget chmod +x ./

The options the installer chooses by default are fine so just enter your root password when prompted and leave the other values at their default with the exception of selecting No when prompted if you would like to start the game now.

Disc Files

Once the installer has completed you will need to copy over the data files from the game CD, pretty simple process. Just insert the Doom 3 CD and then run the following command as root (either via sudo or switching to root via su), replacing /mnt/cdrom with the location of where you have mounted the CD:

cp /mnt/cdrom/pak00*.pk4 /usr/local/games/doom3

If you are using the DVD version of the game then this will copy all the needed files across. If you are using the CD version then you will need to eject disc 1, put disc 2 in and then repeat the command above, doing this for each disc.

Resurrection of Evil Expansion

Nothing much required here. Just insert the disc and copy across the d3xp folder from the CD to your new Doom 3 installation folder. If we follow the same format as above (again replacing /mnt/cdrom with the mountpoint of your CD) then the following command will do this for you:

cp -r /mnt/cdrom/d3xp /usr/local/games/doom3/

And that's it, you should now be good to go. You can run the game either via the menu entry (if one is showing up in your Desktop Environment) or by typing doom3 from a terminal window.


Jamiroph   ~   Posted on 2011-09-08 09:44:54
One thing to note is that on certain Linux Distros (Arch for example) the 32bit Libs aren't installed which will mean the above process wont work (the script requires 32bit libs). There are ways around this by installing the required libs that I found doing some googling however/

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